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Episode stills from the upcoming episode of “Bones” titled, The Killer in the Crosshairs have been added into the gallery. An all new “Bones” returns March 10th. Head over to the gallery for the latest additions.

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Actress Emily Deschanel says the National Institutes of Health is committing a “real-life crime against animals” by putting 14 aging chimpanzees back into painful and invasive research at a Texas laboratory with a track record of animal abuse.

Deschanel, who plays a forensic scientist in the TV drama Bones, has written a letter to NIH director Dr. Francis S. Collins urging him to return the chimpanzees to the Alamogordo Primate Facility in New Mexico where they were living in near-retirement before they were moved.

“All of the Alamogordo chimpanzees have already been subjected to so much pain and suffering,” she writes. “Many of them were used in painful, invasive experiments for decades before being retired in Alamogordo. All of them …deserve to live out their lives in peace.”

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21 February 2011'Bones', News

Bones star Emily Deschanel has insisted that her character Brennan is evolving. She told Assignment X that the forensic anthropologist has become “more sensitive” and is now in touch with her emotions.

“I think she’s evolving to be more open and emotionally accessible,” said the actress. “[She is] kind of breaking down those walls that she has. [Brennan’s] becoming more aware of popular culture and she’s living in the world like a human being, like most people live in the world.”

However, she admitted that the crimefighter still hides her feelings for partner Booth (David Boreanaz) to “protect herself”.

“She’s been abandoned by her family and it’s really scary for her to open herself up like that and be vulnerable,” she suggested. “She’s scared how she’ll feel [in ten years] but she’s maybe even more scared how he’ll feel [at that point].”

Bones airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on Fox. (Source)

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20 February 2011'Bones', News

Bones creator Hart Hanson has claimed that it is impossible to satisfy all of the show’s fans. The showrunner told Give Me My Remote that different viewers have different reactions to the relationship between lead characters Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel).

“One third of the people will [always] hate it, one third of the people will love it, and one third of the people will say [that] the timing’s wrong,” he suggested. “[That will happen] no matter what we do. If we stay the way we we are, one third of the people will like it [and so on].”

Hanson insisted that he was not concerned about upsetting some of the show’s more vocal fans.

“I can’t worry about that,” he said. “Unfortunately there’s the loud people who think they speak for everyone [but] they don’t.”

Bones producer Stephen Nathan previously revealed that there are no plans for Booth and Brennan to get together in the immediate future. The series continues on Thursdays at 9/8c on Fox. (Source)

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20 February 2011'Bones', News

Michael Ausiello of www.tvline.com posted two upcoming Bones spoilers. Take a look below at what fans can expect in the remaining episodes of season six:

Question: Could you tell me if we’ll meet Angela and Hodgins’ baby before the season finale of Bones? —Amanda
Ausiello: EP Stephen Nathan sidestepped that question and offered up this cryptic tease instead: “There’s going to be a bump in the road with the pregnancy,” he told TVLine’s Matt Mitovich. “They’re going to be dealing with some events they didn’t see coming.”

Question: Wasn’t Emily Deschanel supposed to direct an episode of Bones this season? Is that still happening? —Jill
Ausiello: It’s been postponed for scheduling reasons, but Nathan still hopes to make it happen. “It’s a difficult situation now because we’re also [shooting] the spinoff [on location] in Florida,” he elaborates. “We have a crew shooting there, we’re shooting two episodes at once, and Emily and David [Boreanaz] both work so hard, such long hours…. It’s difficult, but we’re doing everything we can to work it out.”

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Screen captures from Thursday’s Valentine’s themed episode of “Bones” titled, The Bikini in the Soup have been into the gallery. Thank you to Tanja for capping this episode. Head over to the gallery for the latest additions.

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16 February 2011'Bones', Emily, News

Thursdays on Fox, fans can tune in for new episodes of Bones. This season has seen Angela and Hodgins happily married and expecting a baby and some directorial work from David Boreanaz on “The Bullet in the Brain,” which introduced the sniper arc to the series.

But will things continue to be easy for Angela and Hodgins? Executive producer Stephen Nathan told TVLine, “There’s going to be a bump in the road with the pregnancy. They’re going to be dealing with some events they didn’t see coming,” in terms of the pregnancy. Uh-oh, that doesn’t sound good. As the season continues, they’re talking more and more about the baby, including a conversation about what they want their child to choose for a career in “The Daredevil in the Mold.”

Meanwhile, the actors are also getting behind the cameras this season, and Boreanaz directed his third Bones episode over the years earlier this season. Emily Deschanel was also supposed to take on the role of director for an episode, but is that still happening?

First it was postponed because whenever she does direct, her character will have to have a reduced role. It was originally scheduled for one of the February sweeps episodes and they didn’t want to have one of their big sweeps episodes with Brennan in a less prominent role. Now they have to deal with the fact that they’re working on the episode that introduces the spinoff and they’re on a different location. However according to Nathan, they’re “doing everything [they] can to work it out.” It would be nice to see Deschanel direct this season, but if it doesn’t happen, it seems certain it will next year.

Tune in to Fox Thursdays for new episodes of Bones. (Source)

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14 February 2011'Bones', News

The Austin Film Festival (AFF) announced that this year’s recipient of the 2011 Outstanding Television Writer Award will be Hart Hanson, creator, executive producer, show runner, and writer of 20th Century Fox Television’s “Bones.”

“Bones” stars Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz will present Hanson with the Award at the Festival’s annual Awards Luncheon held on Saturday, October 22, 2011 at the Austin Club.

“I am thrilled the Austin Film Festival is recognizing the talents of Hart Hanson,” said Deschanel. “He is such a gifted writer and storyteller, and is truly the voice of our show. It’s been a joy to work with him, and it’s a great honor to celebrat e his work.”

Hart Hanson is perhaps best known for his current work on the highly acclaimed television series “Bones,” now in its sixth season, where he serves as creator, executive producer, and show runner. Hanson will speak on panels during the conference, and Hanson, Deschanel, and Boreanaz will present a special screening of an episode of “Bones.” (Source)

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12 February 2011'Bones', News

What’s next for Booth and Brennan as they try to get back to the comfortable friendship they once had? Here are some spoilers: (DO NOT READ IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE SPOILED.)

• The Feb. 17 episode finds Booth and Brennan spending Valentine’s Day together. This we already knew. “Neither of them have plans, neither of them buy into the whole romantic nature of Valentine’s Day because of their situations. So they do wind up in a very inappropriate place at the end, doing something you wouldn’t expect,” Nathan teases. He wouldn’t confirm where, but there’s a shot of the duo at a gun range on the Fox press site (pictured), which he’d only say is in the episode somewhere. (That’s a nice reference to the pilot, don’t you think?) Brilliantly cruel, the victim in this episode is a wedding planner.

• Episode 2 in the sniper arc airs March 10. “Booth is truly determined to go after him in this episode, but also is struggling with the demons that come along with being a sniper himself, and wondering how Brennan sees him — if Brennan thinks that he’s the kind of guy who can easily pull the trigger, or if she knows how difficult that is for him as well,” he says. “It’s forcing him to look into an aspect of his life and look into how other people perceive him as well.”

• The spinoff episode is scheduled to start shooting Feb. 22 with Booth and Brennan traveling to Florida to meet “The Locator” (Geoff Stults) and his partner (Michael Clarke Duncan). It’s scheduled to air April 21.

• They’re shooting the body farm episode this week, which features Twilight star Michael Welch (with whom Nathan and Bones creator Hart Hanson worked on CBS’ Joan of Arcadia) guest-starring as a grad student. “They find body parts that have been washed up on the shore between Canada and the United States, and they trace them back to a flood that occurred at a body farm. A body farm is a forensics apology lab at a university where they put corpses in various different situations and environments to study how they decompose. And this is a real thing,” he says. That will air April 14.

• Taking another cue from the real world, on May 5 (all airdates subject to change), “We’re doing an episode in which Brennan, who has never cared much for motive, has to examine a live person to find out why they killed someone else. This actually happens. We find a woman and we have no idea how old she is. We think she might be 13, she could be 20. She’s deaf and unable to speak. She’s found covered in blood with a knife and we track down the person who she killed and we have to find out why she killed that person, if it was murder, which it looks like — it looks like it was murder and theft. Brennan realizes the importance of motive at this point. We also, through this, find out the identity of this girl and resolve something very, very major in her life. It’s an episode unlike any we’ve done before. Most of the analysis and the forensic anthropology [is] on a live person. They don’t cut her up though,” he jokes. “As cool as that might look for visual effects, I don’t think it’d be nice.” Hodgins won’t do one of his crazy experiments on her then? “No, we don’t shoot her out of a cannon.”

• We’ve reported that John Francis Daley and his writing partner Jonathan Goldstein are penning an upcoming episode that will send up MythBusters. New detail: “We find a body in the woods that seems to have been torn apart by a chupacabra.”

• And finally, no, even though Hannah said she only thought Booth and she were done “for now” which leaves the door open for her to pop in again in the future, don’t expect it to happen this season. [Pause for applause.] “I really do believe that for as many people who are hollering about [Hannah], there are just as many who loved having Hannah on the show and loved having that complication,” Nathan says. “While they might have been frustrated with that story, they enjoyed that frustration because they wanted it to change. They’re invested in the ups and downs of the rollercoaster ride.” And as for those who can’t believe she turned down a life with Booth, Nathan reminds us that, “It wasn’t cruel what she was doing. It was honest, and it was with great regret.”


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11 February 2011'Bones', Gallery, News

Screen captures from last night’s emotional episode of “Bones” titled, The Daredevil in the Mold have been into the gallery. Head over to the gallery for the latest additions.

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11 February 2011'Bones', Gallery, News

Screen captures from last weeks episode of “Bones” titled, The Sin in the Sisterhood have been into the gallery. Sorry it took so long to get these posted. Head over to the gallery for the latest additions.

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30 January 2011'Bones', News

This Thursday night on Fox’s Bones, the Gravedigger met her maker – but by a means that dug up a grave figure from Booth’s own past. After a bit of misdirection placing Temp’s pop (guest star Ryan O’Neal) on the suspect list, it was revealed that the triggerman on Heather Taffet’s takedown was Jacob Ripkin Broadsky, an elite sniper peer of Booth’s. The shooter’s mission was not so much to dispatch with the Digger but tap Seeley firmly on the shoulder and thus unsettle his world. Along the way –- but before the reveal -– we saw that Booth, from his days as a sniper, could identify with the gunman’s muddled morality.

Bones star Emily Deschanel says the Broadsky storyline will “play a part through the remainder of the season,” and “brings up a lot of things for Booth.”

David Boreanaz himself sums up Broadsky (played by The Mummy‘s Arnold Vosloo) as “somebody Booth is proud of, somebody that he has respected and learned from in the past. He knows he’s a good guy,” Boreanaz continues, “but he’s kind of gone the wrong way.”

Toward the end of the first episode, Booth had at least one opportunity to bring down Broadsky, but found himself unable to pull the trigger. And that, Boreanaz previews, will be a recurring dilemma as this intense storyline plays out.

“Booth is just looking to answer two questions: Why? And how could someone do this?” the actor explains. “Now, he might have to take him out -– with his own gun –- and that should be interesting to see.”


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