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Warning: The following post contains spoilers! If you wish to remain spoiler-free, do not read below this line!

I’ll take any kind of Bones spoiler you’re willing to share! — Maggie
ADAM: You’ve heard that this season’s penultimate episode is crazy-intense, right? “It’s kind of shot like 24 and everyone’s life is in danger,” executive producer Stephen Nathan says of the episode, which features an outbreak of a highly contagious, deadly disease in the lab that will infect one of the team members. Since Booth is furiously trying to get into the locked-down Jeffersonian, conventional wisdom might point to Brennan being the afflicted. But our money is on Cam or her new lover Arastoo. “[This] crisis deepens their relationship quite a bit,” Nathan teases. “It’s going to be very intense for them.”

Source – TV Guide

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3 April 2013Magazines, News

Los Angeles Magazine wrote a nice piece on Emily in the April 2013 issue. Born and raised in L.A., the Bones star talks vintage Venice, Topanga hitchhiking, and East Coast rivalry. Check it out below:

I went to college in Boston, then moved to New York before coming back to Los Angeles. On the East Coast, when you tell people you’re from here, sometimes they say, “I’m sorry.” I’m offended by that. The city has so many wonderful things to offer, but I think people come here, see strip malls, and it doesn’t appeal to them. I can see why, but when I leave L.A., it’s not like the strip malls are what’s calling me back. Sometimes I ask people if they have been to L.A. and a lot of times they haven’t, but they have a perspective that it’s lacking in history, beauty, and culture. But the treasures are hidden here. You have your own treasures, of course, then something comes up you didn’t know about. A couple of years ago I discovered the Hollyhock House in Hollywood. I had driven past the area a thousand times, and I had no idea you could visit a Frank Lloyd Wright house. There are so many gems like that, especially downtown. I love the Bradbury Building—my father [cinematographer Caleb Deschanel] took me there as a child.

I grew up near Santa Monica and the Palisades, but we traveled with my dad for his work, so we always had an outside perspective and appreciated what Los Angeles has to offer. I remember going to Santa Monica Pier as a child, and we’d play Skee-Ball and ride the bumper cars. I went to preschool near Abbot Kinney in Venice and remember Main Street, and it was completely different, not as clean as it is now. There was a grittiness that I remember fondly. I liked the documentary Dogtown and Z-Boys because it had all this footage of Venice and Santa Monica. It’s a little before my time—I was born in the ’70s and grew up in the ’80s—but the Vans shoes, shaggy hair, and the guys who surfed and skateboarded trickled over into the ’80s. That grittiness is in a few corners still, and I’ll see it and say to my husband [actor David Hornsby], “Oh, that reminds me of old Santa Monica.”

It wasn’t that long ago, but so much has changed. In the ’90s, when I was in high school, I had friends in Topanga Canyon and Malibu who hitchhiked. My uncle did that in the ’60s, but you don’t think of people doing that in the ’90s, which is kind of crazy. I didn’t because I was too much of a goody two-shoes, but I do remember taking the bus along PCH to go to high school until I learned to drive.

Los Angeles will always be my home. I don’t know if I could feel that way about another place. And my family is here. My sister and my husband both work on the same [Fox] lot as I do, which is incredible. It’s nice to be in one place and have a job that keeps me in L.A. I’ve had lots of actor friends move here from New York, and I tell them it takes a year to feel settled. You have to work harder and make more effort, but it’s worth it.

Source – L.A. Mag

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2 April 2013'Bones', Gallery

Hi everybody! I just updated the gallery with 663 HD screen captures of Emily from last night’s all new episode of Bones! What did you guys think of the episode? Leave a comment or tweet us to share your thoughts. I hope you enjoy the screen captures and keep checking back for more updates.

Gallery Link
Bones > Season 8 > Screen Captures > 8×21 – The Maiden in the Mushrooms

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2 April 2013'Bones', Videos

Check out the promo for the next all new episode of Bones! Unfortunately the next episode doesn’t air until April 15th, which is 2 weeks from now.

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30 March 2013'Bones', Gallery

Hey everybody! As mentioned in the post below, I am getting the gallery up-to-date. To start off, I uploaded 2,650 HD screen captures of Emily from episodes 17 through 20 from this season of Bones. I hope you enjoy and keep checking back for more updates!

Gallery Links
Bones > Season 8 > Screen Captures > 8×17 – The Fact in the Fiction
Bones > Season 8 > Screen Captures > 8×18 – The Survivor in the Soap
Bones > Season 8 > Screen Captures > 8×19 – The Doom in the Gloom
Bones > Season 8 > Screen Captures > 8×20 – The Blood from the Stones

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Hey everybody! My name is Eric and I am the new owner of Emily Deschanel Daily. You may know me from several of my sites, including Bradley Cooper Network, Stana Katic Fan, and Jennifer Love Hewitt Heaven. I previously owned the site back in late 2009 and ran the site for about 10 months. I stepped down in early 2010 and passed the site onto Rachel. Rachel has unfortunately stepped down from the site and handed it back to me. She did such an amazing job with the site over these past few years and I am happy to be apart of the site again!

Currently I am working on getting the gallery up-to-date, more specifically screen captures from the missing episodes of Bones from this season. You can already check out 567 HD screen captures from episode 13 that I uploaded to the gallery. Episodes 17-20 will be in the gallery hopefully by tomorrow. I hope you enjoy the captures and continue to visit. I have quite a bit of updates coming, as well as few surprises. So be sure to keep an eye out for those! Take care, Eric.

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13 March 2013Emily, News

During an unidentified interview, Emily was asked about her sister Zooey and whether or not she’d be up for making an appearance on Zooey’s show, New Girl. Take a look below:

You and your sister, Zooey, the star of New Girl, are in successful TV shows but your characters are very different. How different are you in real life?It’s so hard for me to analyse from the inside. I would say we’re different – but also the same. There are similarities from having grown up in the same household.We have lots of things in common but view the world in different ways. The way we think is completely different and we have different ways of going about things.

Would you ever work with her on screen?Zooey played my cousin on an episode of Bones a couple of seasons ago and we’ve talked about me coming in to do New Girl. We shoot on the same lot, so if we weren’t so busy it might be really easy to swing on by and play a part. It’s hard to get a few hours off, let alone a couple of days to do her show. I hope it happens because I love her show. I watch every episode as soon as I can when I’m not working.


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5 March 2013Site

Hi everyone,

I know I am behind on the weekly screen captures – my apologies! I have not forgotten, I am just having some computer issues at the moment which prevents me from capping. I hope to have the issue resolved relatively shortly! *fingers crossed* Once that is resolved, I will get the screen captures up-to-date! Webmasters promise! Thank you for bearing with me! <3 Sincerely, Rachel (Site Owner) www.emily-deschanel.org

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3 March 2013'Bones', News

TV Guide has compiled a list of television shows they think should possibly end. Among the shows listed is the FOX series, Bones. Take a look below at their reasons for and against the decision. Do you agree or disagree?

Bones (FOX)
Why It Should Stay: It’s Fox’s best-performing veteran drama (it’s already been renewed for Season 9), and the chemistry between members of the cast, particularly David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel, still clicks. Plus: We have to see Booth and Brennan tie the knot, no?
Why It Should Go: How many more disgusting ways can the team find a set of remains? As with all procedurals of a certain age, keeping the murder-mystery formula fresh is always a challenge.

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23 February 2013Gallery, News

Emily was photographed while pregnant for a lifestyle shoot for Venus Stock on April 1, 2011. The shoot took place in Malibu, California. Head over to the gallery for the latest additions.

Gallery Links:
– Home > Studio Photoshoots > Outtakes > Set 033

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21 February 2013'Bones', News

Collider.com spoke with Emily regarding the current season of Bones and whether or not she would still like to direct an episode. Take a look below at what she had to say regarding directing:

Are you still interested in or have plans to direct an episode of the show?
I do hope so. I would just have to wait until my son was big enough that I didn’t feel like I had to be with him as much. Right now, I take him with me, every day. I see him during my breaks, and I’m still practicing as much attachment parenting as possible. I really want that to be in place before I would do something like direct, which definitely is more challenging while I’m also acting on the show. I definitely want to, but I made a choice in life to get pregnant and have a child, and I want to put my child first. It is a goal for me, and I hope to do that. Possibly next season, maybe after Henry’s two, or if we have a tenth season. We’ll see.

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20 February 2013'Bones', Gallery, News

I’ve added screen captures from the latest Bones episode titled, The Friend in Need into the gallery! For those that have not seen the episode, please be advised the screen captures will contain spoilers. Head over to the gallery for the latest additions.

Gallery Links:
– Home > TV Shows > Bones > Season 7 > Caps > 8.16 – The Friend in Need

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