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This is another interview from the 2013 Comic-Con “Bones” panel. This is the first time I’m seeing the interview and even though the panel was days and days ago, I figured I’d go ahead and post for others who haven’t seen it. Enjoy!

It took Temperance Brennan a long time to get there.

For a duration of Bones, this character was opposed to marriage, relying more on her head than her heart and refusing to commit to such a step with Booth.

But something changes on Bones Season 8, just in time for Brennan to have her heart broken. In this exclusive interview with Emily Deschanel from Comic-Con, we ask the actress about Brennan’s decision and get an update on her mental state heading into Season 9.

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29 July 2013News

Actress Emily Deschanel recently dished about how much she loves being vegan and speaking up for animals. The “Bones” star has called for people to ditch dairy for its cruelty, and said she always pushes for “Bones” to shine a light on animal and environmental topics.

Deschanel is now calling for support of a fundraising campaign for a vegan shoe line. Beyond Skin Vegan Shoes recently launched the campaign on Kickstarter.com, aiming to raise funds for their new line of “affordable, wearable yet stylish” cruelty-free shoes. “Are you a woman who like shoes? Help out this great (cruelty free vegan) company and get shoes in return!” Deschanel tweeted yesterday. Yup, there are some pretty cool perks when you donate to the Kickstarter – ranging from a shoutout on the Beyond Skin Facebook page all the way up to a chance to design your very own pair of vegan shoes which you’ll own in five different colors (and you get to order more!).

Beyond Skin writes, “We are a 10 year old, self-funded, indie, UK vegan footwear label dedicated to designing cruelty-free, luxury shoes for stylish, discerning ladies. We have created this Kickstarter project as we hope to be able to put into production an exciting new diffusion line of comfy, wearable yet stylish ladies vegan shoes to sit alongside our current luxury ’boutique’ collection. This exciting new range will launch with 10 styles, which have been designed for everyday wear at a more affordable price-point without sacrificing our signature, vintage inspired aesthetic and will with your help be exclusively available at our online store www.beyondskin.co.uk.”

Currently, the company launches one collection each season, available in small, independently-owned boutiques as well as the Beyond Skin website. “We are now at a crucial point within our business that in order for us to move forward and flourish, we need to reach a much wider audience and cast our vegan net further afield,” they add.

Ten different pairs, already designed, will be included in the new line that Beyond Skin says is crafted with “high-quality Italian leather alternatives.”

Check out Beyond Skin’s fundraising campaign video below!

Source – Ecorazzi

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24 July 2013'Bones', News

Warning: The post below contains spoilers! If you wish to remain spoiler free, do NOT read below this line.

I’m so excited for a Bones wedding! Got any other scoop about the new season? — Melanie
ADAM: When the new season begins, Brennan is still noticeably devastated that Booth, under the duress of Pelant, called off the engagement. “Booth is not someone who sits well with unhappiness,” creator Hart Hanson says. “He wants to fix things and that’s what he’s trying to do. His desire [is] to kill Pelant.” So will he? “He’s not usually like that; he’s not a killer. But… Caroline and Sweets are very concerned,” he teases.

Source – TV Guide

Question: So, the Bones crew made a really big announcement at their Comic-Con panel: Booth and Brennan are getting married! Do you have any idea when the wedding will be taking place during Season 9? —Maria
Ausiello: I tried mightily to get an answer out of Hanson, but he wouldn’t budge. “I’m not telling you when,” he protested, before adding with a laugh, “That’s my one shred of self dignity.” I did succeed in getting HH to cough up an extremely vague detail about the type of wedding they will have, as well as an update on the possibility of a 10th season. Oh, and the show’s dreaded move to Friday night? Not necessarily happening! Press PLAY below for the complete Q&A.

Source – TV Line

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20 July 2013'Bones', Videos

Emily interviews David a little bit and is revealed David’s strangest fan request, as well as their favorite highlights from the 2012 Comic-Con “Bones” panel.

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20 July 2013'Bones', Videos

Emily and David sit down with GiveMeMyRemote.com to talk about the upcoming season of “Bones” and the tension that occurs between the couple.

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20 July 2013'Bones', Videos

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The last season of Bones ended on a cliffhanger that left Booth turning down Brennan’s proposal in order to keep both of them safe from Pelant.

At Comic-Con 2013, stars Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz, along with creator Hart Hanson and executive producer Stephen Nathan sat down to talk about where Booth and Brennan will be as the series begins and how the wrinkle in their relationship will also affect those closes to them – including Hodgins and Angela.

Check out the videos below:

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19 July 2013'Bones', News, Videos

The video interview is unfortunately not able to be embedded on the site. So click the link at the end of the article and you can watch it straight from EW.com.

Bones stars David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel stopped by the EW studio at Comic-Con to discuss what we can expect in the show’s ninth season.

When we last saw the dynamic duo, Booth broke off his engagement to Brennan after Pelant (Andrew Leeds) threatened to kill five innocent people if he didn’t.

“We come back in the season opener and it still hasn’t been resolved. Brennan’s clearly very upset about the situation,” Deschanel explains. “It may take a while for them to be in a good place.”

Boreanaz also tells EW we’ll see new friends of Booth’s who will “change the outlook for where he is presently.” Watch the interview here.

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19 July 2013'Bones', Videos

Check out a sneak peek trailer that was released today during the 2013 Comic-Con “Bones” panel, which includes scenes from the upcoming season. Looks great and I am so stoked for the new season! Screen captures from the trailer will be uploaded here soon. Enjoy!

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19 July 2013'Bones', News

TV Line has posted a wonderful, wonderful recap for their readers recapping the “Bones” panel at the 2013 Comic-Con Convention. It looks as though we are getting a wedding sometime in the future, as well as some time-jump scoop going on! Enjoy the read and keep checking back for clips from the panel!

Stock up on rice (or whatever congratulatory adornment Brennan’s favorite obscure ancient tribe uses), because make no mistake, Fox’s Bones is heading for a wedding in Season 9.

“We’re not fooling you — they will get married this season,” show boss Hart Hanson shared on Friday afternoon at Comic-Con.

Brennan famously (and as had been agreed upon) popped the question to her main man in the Season 8 finale — a moment which Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz recreated on the Comic-Con stage, yet with the roles reversed.

“Bones, you have been there for me for so long,” he poured his heart out. “You have had so much meaning in my life as this character. I am asking you, would you please marry me?”

Alas as it played out in the finale, Booth abruptly bailed on his brand-new fiance, unbeknownst to her due to pressure from the pesky, deadly Pelant.

More scoop on the season premiere, Booth and Brennan’s changing relationship and more below:

GROWING PAINS | The season opener, which starts shooting Tuesday, will feature a three-month time jump. “The relationship between Brennan and Booth will be slightly different,” teased executive producer Ian Toynton. “The relationship has been pushed to a different level, a different place. They’re in a serious place.”

KILLER BADDIE | Boreanaz’s feelings on Big Bad Pelant? “He’s getting a little old,” replied the actor. “He needs to go fast. From Booth’s perspective, he’s really annoying. … I really think Booth should take him out, in a really strong manner.” And he may get his wish. Hanson accidentally let slip that he does know how Pelant will eventually die.

BOOTH SEEKS HELP | As Boreanaz hinted to TVLine, viewers this season will meet an ex-priest “who has past with Booth,” teased Hanson. “Everybody’s mad at Booth for reneging on the engagement and he doesn’t have anyone he can talk to. So he seeks out the man he used to talk to.”

SQUINTERN ON WHEELS | Should the show lose another squintern to some other acting gig, the next one will be “someone in a wheelchair who is just unbearable,” revealed Hanson, who’d like to “have some fun” with the “not politically correct” character.

SWEET LOVE | Of another couple’s future, Hanson would only say, “Sweets is still in the show, and Daisy is still in the show.”

CRIMES OF THE HEART | Booth and Brennan’s next undercover gig will involve a couples’ retreat. While they’re there trying to solve a murder, they’ll also uncover some of their own “brutal problems,” hinted Hanson.

TEEN FLASHBACK | Hanson has an ambitious, unusual idea for an episode: “[We’re] struggling to find a way to do a show where we see everybody as a young teen doing their jobs in the Jeffersonian and the FBI,” he shared. “I think it would be really fun to have kids playing them. We don’t know how to do it yet.”

BLAST FROM THE PAST | On the neverending question of whether Dr. Zack Addy will return, Hanson said, “It’s on the list of things to do. We don’t have plans for it. We don’t not have plans for it.”

Source – TV Line

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19 July 2013'Bones', Videos

David Boreanaz sat down with Michael Ausiello at the 2013 Comic-Con Convention yesterday to discuss the 9th season of “Bones”. Unfortunately Emily is not in the interview. However, I figured I would post it as it does give us some insight into the new season. It is definitely worth the watch and keep checking back for more Comic-Con updates. Enjoy!

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Emily attended the 2013 FOX Upfront Presentation yesterday, Tuesday, May 13th. The event was held at the Woolman Rink in New York City, New York. You can check out 34 photos of Emily attending the upfront presentation, the last 8 photos are in HQ quality. She looked amazing, didn’t she? Enjoy!

Gallery Link
Public Appearances > Events from 2013 > FOX 2013 Upfront Presentation

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