27 August 2011'Walk For Animals', Charity, News

Emily just signed up to be a spokesperson for Farm Sanctuary’s “Walk For Farm Animals,” which stresses compassion towards farm animals involved in animal cruelty. The organization brings to attention animals such as pigs, cows, chickens have feelings and personalities just like our pet dogs and cats, yet they are not treated with the same respect. When being used for meat, the animals are treated as if they are inanimate

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16 August 2011'Bones', News

Ask Ausiello has posted some Bones spoilers regarding what fans can expect in the upcoming season specifically regarding if fans cans expect to see two favourite (and beloved) guest stars. Take a look below: Question: Will we see Booth’s Grandpa (Ralph Waite) on Bones this season? Ausiello: You sure will. Gramps reappears in Episode 4 when Booth “is faced with a family crisis,” teases exec producer Stephen Nathan. And guess

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15 August 2011'Bones', Media

Glamorous ’80s primetime soap diva Morgan Fairchild, who seduced her way through Dallas, Falcon Crest and Flamingo Road, has landed a colorful guest spot on the new season of Fox’s Bones. Morgan will appear in the third episode as a woman named Bianca, the intelligent, impeccably dressed CEO of Dillio Toys. In the episode, remains of a toy company employee are discovered, and Brennan and Booth must put together the

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11 August 2011'Bones', News

Bones star John Francis Daley has revealed that his character Sweets will have an expanded role in the new season. The actor told TV Guide that Sweets will partner with Booth (David Boreanaz) following the revelation about Brennan (Emily Deschanel)’s pregnancy. Daley explained: “He is more active in the investigations because Brennan is slightly less able to go on the scene and get herself into dangerous situations. So you’re going

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9 August 2011'Bones', News

Ask Ausiello has posted some Bones spoilers regarding what fans can expect in the upcoming season and as well as the relationship changes between Angela and Brennan. Take a look below: Question: Have any other spoilers about the new season of Bones? Please? I’m dying here! —Cassie Ausiello: Mom-to-be Brennan and new-mom Angela finally have something to talk about besides unrequited romance, and Michaela Conlin couldn’t be happier. “There’s been

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5 August 2011'Bones', News

FOX entertainment president Kevin Reilly seemed optimistic about keeping Bones alive after the upcoming game-changing Season 7, which sees Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) having a baby together. “We haven’t had any discussions yet,” Reilly said to the crowd at the Television Critics Association summer press tour. “I think the producer would like to keep it going. We’d like to keep it going.” The move to Thursday has

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1 August 2011'Bones', News

Unfortunately, Bones wasn’t able to make it to Comic-Con last week, so we’ll have to make due with the producers sharing new season 7 spoilers instead of a fun Comic-Con panel. But all it not lost, because the Bones producers have been spilling a few details about the upcoming season and David Boreanaz is also tweeting a few photos from the set. We’ve already covered spoilers about the baby, the

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23 July 2011'Bones', Media, News

Although Bones will no longer be featured at Comic-Con, SpoilerTV posted the “Bones” video montage that would have aired. Take a look at the fun, 2-minute video below.

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21 July 2011'Bones', News

Bad news Bones fans. The hit FOX show has cancelled their panel at the 2011 San Diego Comic Con. Entertainment Weekly reports: Booth and Brennan won’t be sleuthing it out in San Diego this year: EW has confirmed that Fox‘s Bones will no longer have a panel at the 2011 Comic-Con. Stars David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel were to join creator/exec producer Hart Hanson, and executive producer Stephen Nathan on

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19 July 2011Appearances, Gallery, News

A very pregnant, and extremely gorgeous Emily attended the 2011 Outfest Closing Night Gala Sunday night! The reason for Emily’s attendance, the screening of her upcoming film The Perfect Family. Also making it to the event, Jason Ritter and Angelique Cabra. Head over to the gallery for the latest addtions. Gallery Links: – Home > Public Appearances > Events from 2011 > 2011 Outfest Closing Night Gala – “The Perfect

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17 July 2011Emily, News

Pregnant actress Emily Deschanel has adopted a new vegan diet as she prepares to give birth to her first child. While the star’s diet has been animal product-free for years, pregnancy presented a new nutritional challenge. The Bones star and her actor husband David Hornsby are expecting a baby later this year, and her dietitian Ashley Koff has told People.com Deschanel has altered her food choices as she carries the

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13 July 2011'Bones', News

Sides are out for the season premiere! To recap – “Sides” are the parts of the script that are used to cast guest actors. They contain most of the case information and occasionally include bits of interaction between the regular cast members (if those lines fall at the beginning or end of whatever page of the script is being used for the auditions. Below contains Bones spoilers, so read at

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