14 October 2008General

I have just added Emily’s latest appearance from 28th September 2008, Looking fab as ever. You can find them at: Yes! On Prop 2 Party (Sept 28) Sorry for the delay in adding these!

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30 September 2008General

I have recently added screen captures for new season four episodes, You can find them below: 4×01-4×02 – The Yanks In The UK (642) 4×03 – The Man In The Outhouse (412) 4×04 – The Finger In The Nest (266) I have already capped 4×05, they will be up either later on today or tomorrow which is more than likely as I have work soon.

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28 September 2008General

I’ve recently added more new Bones stills and 2 new appearances of Emily’s You can find them all below. Also I just wanna get my apologies for my delays. I have recently had a berivement in my family so its been a tough time. Anyways for the updates Kitten Rescue’s 1st Annual Fur Ball Celebration An Evening Of New Dreams A Benefit Dinner for Somaly Mam Foundation Bones 4×07 –

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21 September 2008Media, TV

I found an article on the release of Season Three on DVD Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment just announced that Bones’ season 3 DVD will be available a little more than a month from now on November 18. The comprehensive five-disc package will contain all 15 full-hour episodes plus four bonus episodes from Season Four (by the time it gets out, all four episodes would’ve aired already anyway). As DVDs

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16 September 2008General, Other

We are still here guys its just that Gemma is going through some problems lately and Charlotte is getting ready to go to university.  We are slowly working on the website with adding new information and new images. So please be patient. We will make some new posts with gallery updates very shortly.

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7 September 2008Gallery

We’ve recently added 2 more new Bones promo pictures for season 4, They are absolutely amazing so make sure you check them out.   We’ve also been updating the photoshoot section, We’ve add 10 more photoshoots of Emily to the collection aswell as 2 Portrait sessions. Photoshoots and Portraits

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2 September 2008Gallery

Hey guys, we have added the promotional pictures and episode stills for the new episodes of Bones. 4×01 Stills x 7 4×02 Stills x 4 4×03 Stills x 3 Season 4 Promos x 2

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2 September 2008Emily

Re: Why is “Bones” in London? “Well I am giving a lecture at Oxford. I have my robes on and my little doctorate hood. I’m giving a lecture at Oxford and I have been invited here by Dr. Ian Wexler, another forensic anthropologist, the top forensic anthropologist in England played by Andrew Buchan and he’s kind of like me in England. So I’m invited here to give a lecture on

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1 September 2008General

Hello Everyone, My name is Gemma and I just wanted to introduce myself and Charlotte as the new webmistresses of Emily Deschanel Fan. We are both very huge fans of Emily and are really excited about getting the chance to work on a site like this. As you can see I’ve just added a New layout made by Innuendo Designs. We are still currently working on fixing the new layout

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