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Examiner.com posted an interesting article about the new season of Bones, especially now that we finally have a premiere date. Under the cut you will find the full article and some spoilers!

The way “Bones” season 10 ended, it felt very much like a series, not season, finale. Fans were left wondering what that meant for season 11, and when Fox announced the premiere date on Thursday, June 25, that included information that addresses just that.

As “Bones” season 10 ended, Hodgins and Angela decided to stay at the Jeffersonian and leave Paris to be a vacation spot, as she could tell he wasn’t ready to leave just yet. However, Booth and Brennan decided to make a big change of their own and leave the crime fighting behind. She left the Jeffersonian in the hands of her colleagues and the squinterns, and he left the FBI in Aubrey’s hands. It was pretty much what you’d expect from a series finale for this show – Booth and Brennan passing the baton on to the next generation.

But there is going to be a season 11, premiering Thursday, Oct. 1, at 8 p.m., and with the announcement of the fall premiere dates, Fox also shared a few teasers about the new season, which picks up six months later: “BRENNAN (Emily Deschanel) and BOOTH (David Boreanaz) have moved on to a new town and new jobs, having given up their old life and settled into a blissful death-free existence. But a murder unlike any other draws them back to investigate with their former colleagues at the Jeffersonian and FBI.”

None of this is too surprising; you knew it had to be a murder of some kind to bring them back, and there’s no way “Bones” could have them not solving murders together for too long. Plus, with that time jump, it not only means that there will be an adjustment period for them to get back into the business of solving murders, but also for those still at the Jeffersonian as there will have had to be some changes in those six months.

“Bones” season 11 will premiere Thursday, Oct. 1, at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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