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EMILY Deschanel is a woman in demand.

One voice, on the telephone, is a writer asking about Monday’s tense season finale of her Fox show “Bones.”

Another voice, a few feet away, is Henry Hornsby. Henry is 18 months old. He’s hungry, or he’s wet, and he don’t care nothing about no stinking season finale.

Every few questions, then, Deschanel politely asks the voice on the phone for a repeat.

“What were we talking about again?” she says. “Sorry. Mommy brain.”

Deschanel may be the star of a hit TV show, a pretty good gig that Fox has just renewed for a ninth season next year. That doesn’t make the Mommy part any easier.

“It’s incredibly difficult to balance work and raising a child,” says the 36-year-old Deschanel. “It kills me every day. I struggle with it every day.

“It gets a little easier as he gets older . . . . But I still don’t think I balance it very well. Like right now, I really want to be with him, but I’m doing this.”

She then finds herself apologizing again, because that didn’t come out quite the way she meant it.

No one holds it against her, of course. It’s more like funny, because that’s just the sort of thing she might say on the TV show in her character as Temperance “Bones” Brennan.

Bones is brilliant, just not always sensitive to nuance.

What Bones will sense in Monday’s finale, Deschanel says, is danger. Christopher Pelant (Andrew Leeds), who Deschanel calls the most ominous villain in the show’s eight seasons, returns with malevolence on his mind.

Where before Pelant has targeted Bones, this time he’s after Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz), the father of Bones’ child.

When she senses a threat to Booth, she says, “Brennan will go farther than she’s ever gone before . . . to protect him.”

Yet at the same time, “It also makes her think about her life and their baby and their relationship.

“She never thought she’d have children. She never thought she’d get married. Everything has happened so fast, and this makes her stop to think about it.”

So even though she would do anything to protect him, she now asks if she wants to stay with him.

It’s an intense episode, says Deschanel, and she says that while some things will be resolved, aspects of the Pelant storyline will continue into next season.

In other words, it’s complicated. So is life.

“This job [acting], if you do it well, is extremely difficult,” says Deschanel. “Parenting, if done well, is even more difficult.”

Source – NY Daily News

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