15 January 2008Media

I added caps & clips of Emilys appearance in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit – 3.17 ‘Surveillance’
Size: 1,85 MB | 5,52 MB | 7,65 MB | 3,82 MB | 4,75 MB
Time: 00:41 | 01:40 | 02:15 | 01:19 | 01:24
Clip 01 | Clip 02 | Clip 03 | Clip 04 | Clip 05

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14 January 2008Gallery, Other

I added 300+ pictures from Emily’s 2005 appearances:

And there is also brand new category – Signature!

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9 January 2008Media

I added 14 clips from last 2 episodes of Bones:

3.08 ‘The Knight In The Grid’
Size: 3,83 MB | 3,83 MB | 3,85 MB | 7,82 MB | 4,79 MB | 2,86 MB | 2,85
Time: 01:20 | 01:16 | 01:18 | 02:33 | 01:27 | 01:02 | 01:06
Clip 01 | Clip 02 | Clip 03 | Clip 04 | Clip 05 | Clip 06 | Clip 07

3.09 ‘Santa In The Slush’
Size: 3,83 MB | 4,79 MB | 8,65 MB | 8,64 MB | 4,81 MB | 4,80 MB | 4,81 MB
Time: 01:13 | 01:25 | 02:43 | 02:31 | 01:33 | 01:38 | 01:34
Clip 01 | Clip 02 | Clip 03 | Clip 04 | Clip 05 | Clip 06 | Clip 07

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9 January 2008Other

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Hollywood scrambled on Tuesday to assess the fallout from the decision to scrap the glittering Golden Globe movie and TV awards ceremony and hold only a news conference that few stars are likely to attend.

Caterers, limousine drivers, stylists, hotels and dozens of magazines and TV shows found themselves out of work when this Sunday’s star-studded Golden Globes gala dinner and red carpet walk-up fell victim to the nine-week-old screenwriters strike.

“There are a lot of people being hurt by this,” said Jack Kyser, chief economist for the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp. He estimated the Golden Globes annually bring in $70-$80 million to the Los Angeles economy.

“A lot of the parties are being canceled and they can run up to $200,000 each. There is a big ripple impact from this in terms of hotel bookings, security guards, parking attendants, beauticians etc.,” Kyser said.

Industry sources said most of the after parties hosted by movie and TV studios have been canceled, including those by HBO, Warner Bros/In Style magazine and NBC, which will televise the truncated awards show.

The exact format of Sunday’s news conference is unclear, but the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which votes on the awards, said there would be no red carpet for celebrities to strut their stuff and be interviewed by various celebrity TV shows and magazines.

“The last 48 hours have been crazy,” said Charla Lawhon, managing editor for In Style magazine, which had to swiftly plug a fashion hole in its March edition. “Our readers and millions of viewers on television get true delight in seeing their favorite celebrities in those dresses.”

Source & More Here

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8 January 2008Gallery

Emily yesterday attended her first appearance of 2008, I added TONS of pics to the gallery:

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5 January 2008TV

Guess who’s back from his two-week vacation?! That’s right, me! Guess who’s marking the occasion by reporting some spectacularly sucky news?! Yep, me again.

A reliable source at Fox confirms reports that the final three pre-strike episodes of Bones are being held until May sweeps. Sucky, right? Wait, there’s more. The show is relocating to Mondays at 8 pm, where it will be followed by original installments of the Julianna Margulies courtroom drama Canterbury’s Law. The Bones/CLAW combo kicks off on April 28. (This season, May sweeps runs from April 24 to May 21. Call it Mapril sweeps.) The decision to hold Bones until May is the clearest sign yet that Fox is bracing for a long strike.

But with that depressing news out of the way, here’s a little silver lining to cheer you up: Those three pre-strike Bones eppys are being joined by a fourth never-before-seen installment. Per my source, the infamous school-shooting-themed outing that was pulled last season in the wake of the Virginia Tech massacre has been “tweaked slightly” and is scheduled to see the light of day in May.

So, what do you think? Is May too long to wait for fresh Bones? Will the afterglow from Booth and Brennan’s holiday smooch have long since faded? Or do you adhere to the belief that absence makes the heart grow fonder? Speak now in the comments section below. And, c’mon, admit it: It’s good to have me back.


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5 January 2008Gallery

Okay, I thought that after all those screencaps it would be nice to upload something different, so I added 5 photoshoots to the gallery (if you have better version or more photoshoots, don’t hesitate to contact me please – full credit is always given):

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2 January 2008Gallery

I capped two more episodes of Bones:

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2 January 2008Site

With new year here comes this beautiful new layout made by Natalie. You should definitely visit her amazing design site! I would like to also wish you all the best in 2008, hope this year will bring everyone peace, love and new opportunities :)

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30 December 2007Media

I added screencaps of three more ‘Bones’ episodes:

And I added 14 more clips:

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27 December 2007Media

I finally uploaded behind-the-scenes of “The Strike Show” interview:

‘The Strike Show’ Interview
Size: 31 MB
Time: 02:58
Click Here

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25 December 2007Other

I just opened new fansite, Patrick Flueger Fan:

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