2 August 2013'Bones', News

A blast from the past could play a role in saving Booth and Brennan’s future when Bones Season 9 gets underway. In the second episode of the Fox fave’s new season (which opens Monday, Sept. 16), B&B go undercover at a couples retreat — but as “Tony and Roxy,” the personae they first created in Season 2′s “The Woman in the Sand.” And one way or another, things are gonna

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29 July 2013'Bones', News, Videos

This is another interview from the 2013 Comic-Con “Bones” panel. This is the first time I’m seeing the interview and even though the panel was days and days ago, I figured I’d go ahead and post for others who haven’t seen it. Enjoy! It took Temperance Brennan a long time to get there. For a duration of Bones, this character was opposed to marriage, relying more on her head than

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29 July 2013News

Actress Emily Deschanel recently dished about how much she loves being vegan and speaking up for animals. The “Bones” star has called for people to ditch dairy for its cruelty, and said she always pushes for “Bones” to shine a light on animal and environmental topics. Deschanel is now calling for support of a fundraising campaign for a vegan shoe line. Beyond Skin Vegan Shoes recently launched the campaign on

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24 July 2013'Bones', News

Warning: The post below contains spoilers! If you wish to remain spoiler free, do NOT read below this line. I’m so excited for a Bones wedding! Got any other scoop about the new season? — Melanie ADAM: When the new season begins, Brennan is still noticeably devastated that Booth, under the duress of Pelant, called off the engagement. “Booth is not someone who sits well with unhappiness,” creator Hart Hanson

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19 July 2013'Bones', News, Videos

The last season of Bones ended on a cliffhanger that left Booth turning down Brennan’s proposal in order to keep both of them safe from Pelant. At Comic-Con 2013, stars Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz, along with creator Hart Hanson and executive producer Stephen Nathan sat down to talk about where Booth and Brennan will be as the series begins and how the wrinkle in their relationship will also affect

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19 July 2013'Bones', News, Videos

The video interview is unfortunately not able to be embedded on the site. So click the link at the end of the article and you can watch it straight from EW.com. Bones stars David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel stopped by the EW studio at Comic-Con to discuss what we can expect in the show’s ninth season. When we last saw the dynamic duo, Booth broke off his engagement to Brennan

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19 July 2013'Bones', News

TV Line has posted a wonderful, wonderful recap for their readers recapping the “Bones” panel at the 2013 Comic-Con Convention. It looks as though we are getting a wedding sometime in the future, as well as some time-jump scoop going on! Enjoy the read and keep checking back for clips from the panel! Stock up on rice (or whatever congratulatory adornment Brennan’s favorite obscure ancient tribe uses), because make no

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14 May 2013'Bones', News

As mentioned, the timeslot for “Bones” will be changing. When it premieres in the fall, it will be at its normal timeslot on Monday’s at 8:00 PM. However, in late fall after The World Series, Fox is moving “Bones” to Fridays at 8:00 PM. To check out the full schedule, click here. No Bones about it: Booth and Brennan are on the move. New Girl‘s Nick and Jess, meanwhile, scored

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14 May 2013'PETA', News, Videos

Bones star Emily Deschanel is encouraging moms to boycott cows’ milk and embrace a vegan diet to show compassion for cattle. The 36 year-old actress has teamed up with animal rights organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) for a new video campaign urging women to raise their children on vegan diets and stop supporting the “cruel” dairy industry. In the video, Deschanel, who has a 20-month-old son

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29 April 2013'Bones', News

Warning: If you have yet to watch the Season 8 finale & want to remain spoiler-free, do not read below this line! Bones giveth, and Bones (quickly and cruelly) taketh away. In Monday’s season finale of the long-running Fox drama, Brennan — buoyed in part by a certain Big Bad’s escalating reign of terror — overcame her aversion to marriage and popped the question to Booth. His answer? “Hell, yes!”

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29 April 2013'Bones', News

Warning: If you wish to remain spoiler-free, please do not read below this line! Bones wraps up its current season tonight with an episode that’s going to show fans just how bad computer hacker madman Christopher Pelant (Andrew Leeds) can be. And Emily Deschanel couldn’t be prouder of the fact that eight seasons in, the show can still keep the audience on its toes. “I feel like new life has

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29 April 2013'Bones', News

EMILY Deschanel is a woman in demand. One voice, on the telephone, is a writer asking about Monday’s tense season finale of her Fox show “Bones.” Another voice, a few feet away, is Henry Hornsby. Henry is 18 months old. He’s hungry, or he’s wet, and he don’t care nothing about no stinking season finale. Every few questions, then, Deschanel politely asks the voice on the phone for a repeat.

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