21 June 2015Site

Hello, everyone! My name is Fran and you may know me from a fellow Bones site such as D-Boreanaz.Com, but also from other sites like Dianna Agron Online and Mindy Kaling Online. I’m really happy I got the chance to adopt this site, especially since Emily is definitely one of my favorite actresses (I mean, I’ve loved her since the first time I saw her on my TV on Rose Red!). I’d like to thank all the previous owners of the site, for keeping up such an amazing source for all things Emily Deschanel, especially Rachel who’s been really kind to me in the past few days and allowed me to take over the site.

I’ve only uploaded a couple of pictures to the photo gallery so far, but I plan on adding more pictures in the next few days, as well as updating some pages of the site and maybe come up with a new layout. Until then, feel free to follow us on Twitter @deschaneldaily and if you have a site and would like to be affiliates, feel free to apply!

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