14 May 2014'Bones', News

Warning: The following story contains spoilers. If you wish to remain spoiler-free, do NOT read below this line!

Should we worry about Booth and Brennan’s marriage after the Bones finale (airing Monday)? –Maria
Um, maybe? “There’s a huge thing that happens at the end… that we’re not going to tell you about, but it changes everything — not only between Booth and Brennan, but also with Booth’s job, possibly Brennan’s job – I mean, everything,” Emily Deschanel warns. Adds scene partner David Boreanaz: “There is a lot of destructive forces that could come upon us, and we find out that there’s more to it than what meets the eye…. It puts [Booth and Brennan] in a different place, for sure.”

Source – TV Line

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